Forensic services offered

As recognised Computer Forensic Experts, we offer the full range of digital forensic services from identifying the data to be captured from all digital devices, through to providing expert witness services in court.

Digital Forensic Services

Evidence Talks have been serving the corporations, law firms and law enforcement agencies of the world with our digital forensic expertise since 1993.

Data Recovery

Full data recovery services for logical and physical incidents.

Forensic Readiness reviews

Organisations have well defined disaster recovery and incident response plans in place but the plans are either not appropriate to the nature of the incident or simply do not have a sufficient degree of forensic awareness or process built into them.

Intella Hosting of Data

Collecting and reviewing thousands of electronic documents, email and other data efficiently demands an experienced forensic partner and a rapid, secure and flexible Intella review platform, hosted by us or owned by you.

Digital Forensic Services

Serving the law enforcement, corporate, legal and government communities since 1993.

As one of the longest established providers of computer forensic services in the UK, we have an enviable reputation among our clients and industry peers for taking on the more interesting and technically challenging cases. We focus on delivering quality of service, reliability of results and impartial, practical advice.


With such a long history in digital forensics we deliver a comprehensive service that starts from the moment you contact us. Every case is unique and our experts understand that you may need to make difficult and often sensitive decisions. We will listen carefully to your story, offer you impartial, friendly and easy to understand advice, explaining your options.


Should you wish to engage us, our professional services cover all aspects of a forensic investigation lifecycle: designing an appropriate strategy, identifying where data of interest may be found, planning and executing the forensic collection and preservation of that data and on through thorough forensic analysis and reporting to providing expert witness services in court.


We operate globally and, since 1993, some of the worlds largest brands trust us to handle their cases. So, keep our contact details safe and, if the need arises, contact us for free, confidential advice about your options and likely success factors.


Data Recovery

There is often nothing more frustrating than losing data through hardware failure, corruption, malware attack or simple user error

Using our in-house technicians and trusted expert hardware partners we have performed miracles in data recovery that others thought impossible. From the successful recovery of data from a formatted disk and the restoration of a deleted and partially overwritten database to recovering data from fire damaged LTO Backup tapes. Whatever your circumstances we can help.


So, if your PC refuses to find those important pictures, your NAS has died and you cannot raise invoices or your enterprise storage refuses to give up its secrets, we can help. We’ll listen, sympathise and offer you practical, free advice about what might be possible, what your next steps should be and provide you with a ‘no-fix-no-fee’ cost estimate.

Forensic Readiness Reviews

A Forensic Readiness Review will ensure you have the best response plan possible

Most of our clients have well defined disaster recovery and incident response plans in place but we often find that the plans are either not appropriate to the nature of an incident or simply don’t include sufficient forensic awareness or process. These failings can result in actions being taken on digital systems that undermine the objectives, and success, of any investigation.


Recovering from the wrong initial steps can add thousands in unnecessary costs to the case but with the right processes in place, a company can greatly reduce the costs of incident response and prevent damage to the data you need to rely on. Our forensic readiness review helps you achieve just that.


Intella Hosted Data Services

Amazing capabilities at affordable prices

Collecting and reviewing thousands of electronic documents, email and other data efficiently demands an experienced forensic partner and a rapid, secure and flexible review platform.  Whether its eDiscovery or forensic incident response, you need expertise and solutions that can help you intelligently reduce the volume of data you need to review and produce respondent material in the shortest, most efficient way possible.

Using the latest digital forensic tools and techniques supported by our in-house Intella powered review platform, we work closely with your team to set clear and achievable objectives through all stages of the EDRM lifecycle, meeting your deadlines and minimising costs at all times.

From our forensic facilities we host in-house Intella servers delivering fast remote access to our clients and their legal teams 24x7 supported by friendly and on-demand forensic expertise.

Intella Core Features

Full File Support

Review of almost any file type

Team Working

Multiple reviewers working on the same data

Unlimited Tagging

Unlimited Tagging plus multi-tagging with comments

Friendly training and support

Training available, telephone, consultancy assistance and technical support given

Export and production capabilities

Daily backups

Intelligent de-duplication

No more viewing of multiple copies

Instant and unlimited searches

Keyword Searching including metadata

Graphical Visualisation of Results

Incredibly powerful graphical visualisation of results

Results in One View

Combine collected email, documents and cell phone records in one view

Email Formats

Outlook and Notes email archives supported

Additional Services


Fully Hosted, Secure Service

Access your results using our dedicated remote desktops via secure VPN.

Host Your Own Server

For larger or more regular demand, we will supply, install and configure your own onsite capability.

Powerful, Court Ready Reporting

Multi-format output such as PDF, DOCX, TIFF etc., as well as native format with bundling options.

Flexible Tagging

Multiple tags per item, multiple tags per reviewer and centralised tag management.

Social Relationship Diagrams

Graphically display how entities are related and how frequently they communicate.

In-Document Keywork Hit Highlights

Highlight all the keyword hits in every file, quickly identify context and relevance.

Digital Forensic Service Testimonials

Read some testimonials from our customers

"we have used other forensic companies but we think that Evidence Talks provide a superb service. They keep us informed along the way and are always happy to give advice over the phone. We won't use anyone else".
..."we have worked with Evidence Talks for about 8 years now and would not use anyone else for all our EMEA digital forensic requirements.

Our clients appreciate their quick response and knowledgeable approach to all situations".
“Once again, many thanks for the fantastic service you and the team have provided.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone else who has the misfortune to damage their laptop like I did.”

More Information

Guide To Digital Evidence Preservation

Download our guide to preserving digital evidence.

Forensic Services FAQ

What do I do if I need to examine a computer for evidence?
The device should not be used.  If it is off do not power it up.  Seal the device in a plastic bag and sign across the seal.  Lock it away in a place where only selected people have access.  The examination of the device should be completed by someone with suitable skills and experience.
If I suspect something has taken place on a PC, can I have a quick look to ascertain whether the evidence is there first?
If we have our own internal staff, can we use them to conduct the investigations?
If the computer seems broken, can you get any of my data back?
To conduct the investigation, do you need all the computer equipment pertaining to the suspect user?
Do I have to bring the suspect computers to your labs?


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