Cascade Forensics

Cascade Forensics is a client-server architecture that combines our core SPEKTOR triage technology with policy based automated processing logic designed to:

Minimise the Steps

Reduce the number of processing steps between seizure and review by investigating officer

Eliminate and Automate

Eliminate unnecessary forensic imaging, reducing storage costs, speeding up decisions and automate the delivery of preliminary results for review

Reduce Delays

Release forensic analysts from processing high volume, low impact casework

Reduce Outsourcing

Reduce costs and dependency on outsourcing of high volume, low impact casework and provide a low cost ability to cope with high volume ‘burst demand’

Core Features

Cascade Forensics is product agnostic, triggering actions using 3rd party forensic tools such as Encase, FTK, Xways and Nuix among others.

Policy Driven

Clear policies dictate the level of processing required to identify evidence or intelligence

Policy Triggers

Set multiple policy triggers based on analysis results.  If a trigger is met, processing may stop, or skip to full imaging with an interim triage report sent to the investigating officer

Cascades through Processes

If policy thresholds are not met, the system will continue to ‘cascade’ down to the next process

Auto-process with SPEKTOR

Upon connection, the target device is auto processed using SPEKTOR technology.

Product Agnostic

Cascade Forensics allows the use of 3rd party forensic tools such as Cellebrite, Aceso and Nuix among others to be included in the process chain.

Fewer Forensic Images

Cascade Forensics results in fewer images being taken, earlier interview and reduced investigation costs as well as increased capacity of the forensic experts to focus on critical work

More Information

SPEKTOR Cascade Forensics Brochure

Download the SPEKTOR Cascade Forensics brochure for more information.

Cascade Forensics

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