SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence

Designed specifically for use by non-technical investigators, SPEKTOR is used by front line police and other enforcement officers around the world to rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers, servers and mass storage devices.

Rapid Data Collection

Our unique ultra fast collection technology means that SPEKTOR collects in minutes. Deployed against LIVE or powered-off systems, SPEKTOR finds target data based on signatures and/or file extensions, recovers deleted files, collects volatile memory and comprehensive file information.

Comprehensive, Safe, Fast and Secure

Collect targeted data or conduct a full forensic image from removable media such as hard disk drives, USB sticks and memory cards.  SPEKTOR fully supports collections from Windows, Apple or Linux based machines.

Accepted Forensically & Evidentially

SPEKTOR uses standard & accepted forensic techniques to preserve & protect original data while creating full forensic images or collecting targeted files. SPEKTOR captures details about every file on a system and calculates MD5 and SHA1 hashes for all collected data.


Unlimited Collectors

SPEKTOR uses standard removable USB devices as ‘Collectors’ so you can process as many targets as you like simultaneously.

Couple this with an easy to use 6 step wizard and you’ve got the ultimate digital triage, forensic imaging and automated analysis solution in one box.


Core Features

Review Docs, Images & Multimedia

Most Graphics & Human Readable Files
Fully Playable Media & Full Metadata Recovery

Email Support

Full Local Email Support
Supports Formats Including PST, OST, MBOX, MSG, EML & AppleMail

Web Based Activity

Full Page Reconstruction
All Main Browsers Supported
Chat Client and Social Media Activity

New Technology Support

Full UEFI Secure Boot Support
PC App Support

Secure Forensic Process

Highly Secure
Designed by Forensic Experts
Process Driven Software

Advanced Export and Reporting

Reports in HTML, PDF & DOCX formats
Export Files and Hashsets
Export to Intelligence Systems

Additional Features


Password Lists

Allows the unlocking of password protected files.

Match & Ignore Lists

Identify files of interest and ignore unwanted files

Perpetual Licensing Model

No subscription is required with SPEKTOR, once purchased it continues working for as long as you need it.

Important Number Recognition

Automatically recognise important numbers such as bank cards and IMEIs.

International Language Support

Multi-language file support and keyword search

More Information

SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence Brochure

 Download the SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence brochure for more information.

SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence Features

Download a brochure detailing some of the features of SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence.

Latest SPEKTOR Forensic Intelligence Release Notes

View the latest SPEKTOR Release Notes.

SPEKTOR Testimonials

Read Some Testimonials From Our Customers

SPEKTOR was recently deployed by CEOP on a high profile operation at 5 key locations where time was of the essence.  We chose SPEKTOR because of its comprehensive device support, speed and ease of use.  On the day, SPEKTOR enabled our officers to quickly examine multiple computers, memory cards, mobile phones and USB devices resulting in a very successful operation.  SPEKTOR was provided on a pro-bono basis by Evidence Talks.
We have been very impressed and found the kit (SPEKTOR) easy to use and effective - it has saved us a lot of unnecessary paperwork and submissions of media that would have proved fruitless.
Lancashire Constabulary Hi Tech Crime Unit have chosen SPEKTOR from Evidence Talks, as an effective tool, to assist in processing the ever increasing range and volume of digital evidence presented for examination.  SPEKTOR has proven to be a very useful and innovative tool, being able to overcome many of the difficulties associated with processing items such as MacBooks and devices containing multiple disks or solid state storage such as Netbooks.  The use of SPEKTOR in acquiring forensic images from such devices is achieved using the specially developed SPEKTOR collection technology.  This has proved to be a real time saver, avoiding the often onerous task of disassembling devices to remove hard disks.  In addition to its regular use within the lab, SPEKTOR is also available to assist on scene, providing additional peace of mind when facing the challenge of potentially complex crime scenes involving multiple and varied devices.  We are very happy with the use of SPEKTOR and acknowledge the full potential of the product for imaging and triage, which to date has had a very positive impact in our ability to handle a wide range of devices.


What is SPEKTOR?
SPEKTOR is a Forensic Triage solution designed for people with little or no technical skills, it allows them to quickly and easily review the contents of all PCs, MACs, Servers, and any mobile media such as USB thumb drives, memory cards, mobile phones and satellite navigation systems etc, (we call these the target devices) in a way that is acceptable both as evidence or intelligence.
Do I need to have an understanding of forensic processes and practices to operate SPEKTOR?
What type of devices can SPEKTOR triage?
Am I able to triage and image external media, such as USB thumb drives, loose hard drives, SD cards, CF Cards etc.?
What process is required to set up SPEKTOR search profiles?
What changes does SPEKTOR make to the target devices?
Does SPEKTOR support MacBooks?
Can collected data be exported?
Will I need to remove the hard disc to conduct triage or imaging?
How are software updates handled?
Is SPEKTOR able to recover deleted data from the slack/unallocated areas of a disc?
How does SPEKTOR prevent changes being made to evidence?
Does SPEKTOR log user actions?
Does SPEKTOR replace the need for forensic analysis?


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